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Sage Winforecast Professional Consolidation

SAGE have withdrawn this product. It is no longer supported or available to buy.

What now?

  • C7 – Single or multi company forecasts with option to use datalinks pulling from Excel. Reports generated in Excel. Contact us for more details.
  • We can model multiple company forecasts for you using Winforecast in house.
  • foreCASH is a cash focussed forecasting tool. Forecasts can be exported to excel for manual consolidation. A version of foreCASH with auto consolidation will be available in 2015.
  • Excel forecasts We offer excel modelling services.
  • S50F / Sage 50 Forecasting can import existing individual company Winforecast forecasts for automatic migration but cannot consolidate multiple companies automatically. Forecast reports are generated in Excel and can be consolidated manually. Limited stock available, Sage have announced the phased withdrawal of this product