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Forecasting software

Your forecasting priorities and business performance will guide which solution is most suitable for you. Are you managing growth, seasonal strain, raising finance or running an annual budget? What level of detail do you need on cash, how far in the future do you need to forecast, or are you forecasting for a group of companies? Use our guidelines or request a consultation.

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Forecasting objectives:

ObjectivesRapid Growth Seasonal or temp. strain,
‘spikey’ cash flow
Raising Finance
Other Contact us Model Invoice
Discounting facilities
Group cash forecasts Annual budget

Snap shot foreCASHS50 Forecasting Excel
Prices from £35 pcm or £495 £700£600 per day
Free trialforeCASH trial--
Monthly PL, BSH, cash flow YYY
Weekly / daily cashY- -
Cash drag and drop Y--
Project/constructionStage payments,
retentions, CIs
Consolidate forecastsWeekly cash flow
Monthly cash flow and P and L
Max. Forecast length5 years50 years50 years
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